Welcome to Grisham and Associates

A partnership is an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partnership). We like the Wikipedia definition because it focuses on the most important facet of partnership—mutual interests—and that is what Grisham & Associates, Inc. seeks to advance.

We provide services to both private industries and governmental agencies to create cooperative relationships between all parties. This can include the structuring of agreements between public and private parties, development of project descriptions and flow charts, securing of both private and public financing, and project management. In the near future, Grisham & Associates, Inc. will be working on the 15 acre Circle S mixed-use site for the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation. This project will include a County health center, public park, high-density housing, mixed-use commercial, and a performing arts center.

Grisham & Associates, Inc. assists private companies in the creation of waterfront projects within the San Francisco Bay Area and Delta Region. These projects can be industrial/logistics centers capitalizing on Pacific Rim trade or waterfront lifestyle development that brings the beauty of the bay together with users. These services include; supervising the project design of both shore side and waterfront facilities, securing project approvals from federal, state, regional, and local agencies, arranging for public/private financing, and development and operations management. An example of these services is our current management of the reuse of the existing Rodeo Marina on upper San Pablo Bay – a 7.55-acre site. On this site boat opportunities, a bay front inn, marine services, café and restaurant, bicycle and kayaking rental and sales, and passive park uses will be combined into a Water Trail and Bay Trail activity node.

Partnerships in education are far-reaching and diverse. The most basic partnership is between the teacher and the student to advance individual and cooperative learning. We have experience in K-12 learning, particularly in literacy and have provided professional development to teachers and schools through short and long term partnerships. Partnerships between entities such as universities and schools may be achieved through professional development schools and other contracts for cooperative development. One example is the Jardin des Maestras between a university, a city, and a school district to provide support for teacher preparation for individuals from underserved populations. Partnerships between corporations, school districts, and independent researchers also provide evidence for new technologies in learning.